Company Profile

Denizli Cam’s vision is to be the preferred brand by the global «upscale» consumers and retailers forhand-made glassware products with its superb design and high-quality production.Its strategic targets are to produce with minimum cost and optimum economies of scale, to improve the production capabilities with continuous develepment, improvement, innovation and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Denizli Cam's mission is to be a company that adds value to life through its high-quality products offering comfort and that respects people, environment and the law.

​Established in 1935 on the directive of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, to supply basic glass needs of the domestic market, Paşabahçe relied on manual production in its earliest days. Today the company continues to produce handmade glass at its Denizli Glass Factory, paying homage to its history and bringing a refined sense of contemporary style to the traditional Turkish art of glassmaking.

​Denizli leads the sector in Turkey in terms of the excellent quality of its glass, its highly qualified and skilled workforce, its comprehensive product range and production capacity. It also ranks among top European producers with a portfolio encompassing over 25.000 product varieties. Handcrafting glass is an art form that combines creativity and competence, but talent can only shine when it is assured of superb material to work on. The material sculpted into shape by the glass masters at Denizli is crystalline as defined by international standards. Crystalline compositions allow for exquisitely clear and sparkling products with superior resonance. Paşabahçe places strong emphasis on design in its industrial products, and the company’s key policy of continuously designing and developing original high quality products is reflected in handcrafted Denizli glassware. Denizli collaborates with designers from diverse cultural backgrounds for wider market appeal, launching around 300 original products a year created by Turkish, German, Czech, Italian and Finnish artists. Product designs are focused on functionality or decorative purpose. While convenience is a core concern with everyday items including glasses or carafes, other products such as vases or candle holders feature creative and stylish designs selected to bring out the master craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Denizli.