Handmade Glass Production

Handmade and Blown Glassware

​​​​​Şişecam is one of the world’s three largest glass conglomerates and the Denizli handmade glassware factory is undoubtedly the pinnacle of its creation and one of its true sources of pride. With 400 master blowers and the national academy of glassmaking, it is here that are brought to life some of the world’s most acclaimed glass pieces.


For decades Denizli is honored to create through design, manufacturing know-how and craftsmanship skills some of the world’s highest design brands. In recent years Denizli is the cradle of the lion share of its creations under its crown jewel brand Nude.

For years Denizli is known for an uncompromising quality in blown glassware making. Whether blown items, pressed, or press-blown, the rigorous craftsmanship was and still is a true signature.

Whether it was the transparency and brilliance of its highest quality clear crystal or the purity of its colored items, Denizli is a true benchmark in the handmade glassware industry.

Lastly, secondary applications such as sandblasting, scissor cutting, serigraphy, optics and patterns among others were also key elements that have helped building up the reputation of the factory and made it earn the trust of the world’s most illustrious brands as partners.

Today Denizli is producing handmade and blown glassware for over 50 of the World’s most illustrious brands, companies and national retailers.

Join the success of these brands and come explore the business opportunities we can provide you.